The Woods and Waters Club of Northern Ohio

The Woods and Waters Club of Northern Ohio, Inc.


The Woods and Waters Club is an organization of people who enjoy the outdoors. We're a club of DO-ers!

We hunt. We fish. We shoot. We educate. We socialize. We take on projects to ensure the conservation of our natural resources and propagation of wildlife for the enjoyment of future generations. And we support other groups who are dedicated to the same principles.

Woods & Waters is proud of its affiliation to Ducks Unlimited, USSA, Greater Cleveland Council of the Boy Scout of America, Ohio Wildlife Federation and many other worthy groups.

The Woods & Waters Presidents Scholarship Foundation, Incorporated, was established by the Club to provide college scholarship funds to students seeking to train in fields that support our natural resources.



Throughout the year, the Club arranges activities that appeal to the varied interests of its members. These functions have been held at private trout clubs, private hunting clubs, game preserves, and at outstanding hunting and fishing locations such as The Yukon, Saskatchewan, Colorado Rockies and Chesapeake Bay area.

Discounts on major trips are passed on to participating members.



Membership get-together programs include a wild game meal in April, family picnic in August and a clam bake in November.  Other “meet and greet” opportunities are available throughout the year at the various shooting and fishing activities.

The meals, as you would expect, are always outstanding. And as added appeal, door prizes are awarded. (So numerous, they're usually equal to about one-fourth the number of members in attendance.)

The Annual Banquet in February is the social high-point of the year. That's when some 400 local sportsmen rendezvous for a night of soda-sipping, table-hopping and tale-swapping. And everyone has a chance to walk away with a valuable raffle prize - maybe hunting or fishing trips, firemarms or custom tackle, for example.

The Annual Banquet also provides an opportunity to recognizes individuals that have distinguished themselves. The Club presents the MAN of the YEAR Award, President's Award and other honors.



The first meeting of the Club was held in March, 1949, and shortly thereafter was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.

As a member of Woods & Waters, you will develop a camaraderie, with some 400 individuals of varied business and occupational interests who share a zest for sport and adventure in the Great Outdoors. Membership is open to all sports of good character.

Every month you will receive the club newsletter keeping you informed of every exciting activity that comes along.

Take the first step today. Mail in the membership form and we'll welcome you aboard.